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Scott Hagen to speak at upcoming NOAA Science Days

Dr. Scott C. Hagen (Professor in the UCF Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering department) is one of eight engineers/scientists selected from the nation to speak at the upcoming NOAA Science Days on “Advancing Climate Science for a Climate-Smart Nation,” scheduled for October 1-3, 2013, in Washington, DC, and Silver Spring, MD.

Hagen was selected for his many contributions to the understanding of climate change and its impact on sea level rise. He has been working on a NOAA-funded research project with an interdisciplinary team that includes assistant professors Dingbao Wang and Stephen Medeiros from the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and professors Denise DeLorme, Linda Walters and John Weishampel from the College of Sciences. Other investigators from Florida State University and the University of South Carolina also contributed to the research. The $3 million, five-year project began in 2010 and is looking into the ecological effects of sea-level rise in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

There will be three components of NOAA Science Days: a one-hour briefing to senior NOAA leadership at NOAA Headquarters in Washington, DC, a half-day session in Silver Spring, MD that will also be webcast for interested NOAA staff, and several briefings with Congress. All speakers will participate in the Silver Spring session and webinar giving a 15-minute talk with 10 minutes for Q&A.

For more information, see an article in UCF Today.

(updated 9/19)