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UCF-FCI members and students create sea level rise video & classroom materials

UCF-FCI members Dr. Scott Hagen and Dr. Reed Noss are featured in a video called “Sea Level Rise: Facing the Issues.” This video provides a look at the many issues associated with sea level rise, with a focus on Florida. It was produced by UCF students Leah Reidenbach and Daniel Jones, with the assistance of Dr. Joshua Reece.

This video comes with some helpful supplemental materials by Leah Reidenbach, Dr. Joshua Reece, and Dr. Reed Noss. These lesson plans, powerpoints, and other handouts are designed for high school classroom use. Teachers and students can download these materials, which are about the nature of science, what we know about climate change and sea level rise, and how science connects to public policy. The supplemental materials are available here.

View the video here: