Climate change and the built and natural environment

UCF researchers are working to understand how future climate change is likely to affect Florida’s natural resources, from the sea to the forests. Florida has many unique species and ecosystems that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change.


Estuaries, marshes, and other coastal habitats like mangrove swamps will be affected by sea level rise (Photo: CHAMPS Lab, UCF)

We are studying how:

  • Sea level rise will affect coastal habitats and species like sea turtles and oysters
  • Rising levels of CO2 will affect native forests
  • Freshwater aquifers will be stressed by rising sea level
  • Invasive species will be helped or hindered by changing climate
  • Storm surge from hurricanes will cause more damage because of sea level rise
  • Scientists can better communicate the results of their research to decision-makers, businesses, and the general public
  • …along with many other projects.